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Pitchfork finally gets around to reviewing Coachella - 4 days later

tony May 05, 2006
We kid because we love, and nobody loves Pitchfork more than themselves, i mean me.

Thursday Pitchfork finally gave a pretty sweet review to Coachella. Not very long, not with many pictures, not with much detail, but it was a review, and it was about as glowing as the Fork can get with something that didn't involve Radiohead or the Flaming Lips.

Although the bill indicated-- as it should-- Tool, Depeche Mode, and of course Madonna, as the big deals, kids don't get life-changing experiences 300 yards from a Jumbotron. Those moments were found, seemingly on the hour, at the smaller of the five venues ringing the massive polo grounds. Most of these short, 40-minute sets started to half-filled tents-- those willing to stake out the front rows during soundcheck-- but, by second song, artists like Deerhoof or Jamie Lidell were stunning thousands with energetic performances of music most record execs would deem too difficult to market. Or, in the case of TV on the Radio, they played to a rapt audience which included a gaggle of boner-popping A&R dudes, whose presence added a strangely compelling uneasiness to the band's increasingly awesome presence.


That is not to say some of the main-stagers were not up to snuff. Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Kanye West, and Massive Attack all performed predictably entertaining if not overwhelming sets. The exception to the headliner rule, and probably to anything said above, was Daft Punk's mindblowing appearance. Not to get hyperbolic, but people were crying at two French robots.

As they say in the political blogs read the whole thing

Notable Quotes from the Stages of Coachella

tony May 03, 2006
From Maynard, Tool
  • Welcome to our first show in many years. We wanted to take it down a notch, keep it all small and intimite, invite a few friends. Welcome...  But you, dude. You need to put your fucking clothes back on. You're bumming me out. Got lost on the way to Burning Man.

  • New album comes out tomorrow at midnight. I know you fuckers all downloaded it already. Do me a favor. I'm trying to buy this gold nugget shaped like a piece of popcorn, for a ring. So I need you to buy a bunch of records so I can afford that. Big ole gold nugget. Like four of 'em. Then when I hit you in the face for taking my photo, it'll look like someone hit you with a bowl of popcorn. Help me out, will ya? I'm destitute." This was just before Jambi... Fitting considering the lyrics at the beginning of this song...

  • Hope you all enjoyed yourselves. Hope you all got a chance to go in the VIP tent. Of course you all did, right? It's fucking L.A. Everybody's a fucking VIP. Can I get a witness?

From Madonna
  • This is my first festival ever.  Now who's gonna share their drugs with me?
  • Does my ass look good?
  • Don't throw bottles on my stage MOTHERFUCKERS!

From Kanye West during his hit "Golddigger"
  • All you white people, here's your chance to finally say 'nigger'.

coachella: day 2 - madonna justified our love

tony May 03, 2006
pitchfork doesnt want to write about it. they didnt send anyone. they didnt talk about it. they want to ignore it.

stereogum wants to pretend like it wasnt worth it. they didnt send anyone either. they quote people who werent there who said it sucked and condescendtionaly asked their readers to wake them if they saw anything worth making it into the comments.

its tough being an indie in the city. you are always having to worry what clothes to wear and hop on fashion trends that make it look like youre not worried what clothes youre wearing, but imagine how difficult it is to call something a sellout or irrevelant when you have exactly the same sponsors on your blog as the festival did and you write about pretty much all of the bands who were at the show.

those who arrived early at coachella on sunday were treated to a surprise as they were herded through the acres of parking. madonna was going through her set. people were all, "that's not madonna, thats a cd," but every now and then you'd hear a curse word or an improv or a mistake and once you got inside the polo grounds you noticed that half of the field was roped off and protected by a line of security guards and police.

the material girl was indeed putting the last minute details into her first festival appearance anywhere and she was going to make it perfect.

hoards of people lined up next to the yellow tape and sang along to the hits. an announcement was made that 100 wristbands would be given to those who arrived first at the sahara tent 300 yards away, and each wristband would allow the lucky bearer into the special baracaded section right up next to the stage - basically the first ten rows.

this only fueled the early-bird crowd better than the gallons of starbucks that many were hopped up on.

once the music had stopped the yellow tape remained. and then after mrs. richie was safely in her airconditioned ride the tape went down and a stampede of fans hauled ass to the furthest tent in the field.

madonna had been heard but not seen and still her mark had been made. here i am. here i am. i make the fucking rules, even in this scorching desert.

it was hotter on sunday than saturday because both the angeles and demons wanted to check out her set, which many did ignoring all the bands in all the other tents that preceeded her.

what they missed was amazing. the octopus project from austin were first up followed by giant drag and be your own pet on seperate stages. the dears and mates of state played just as well as their predecessors, followed by the magic numbers on the main stage, ted leo on the outdoor theatre, and metric in the overflowing mojave tent.

it wasnt even 4:20 yet stoners and already coachella had given the people their money's worth. the best, so far, were the  suprisingly good be your own pet and the hyper and beloved metric.

then came matisyahu. dressed in black. bearded. looking a hundred years old. sounding like he was born and bred in kingston jamaica. soulful and sensitive but earnest and real. and genuine. as honest as anything the beastie boys did on pauls boutique and just as mindblowing. his band took the main stage and he grabbed the mic and there was no doubt that there was a star in our presence. true that star is a hasidic reggae superstar who skips and bounces when hes excited but if you got a problem with it, thats your problem, not his, since youre not the one rocking the mic flawlessly. youre the one with zinc oxide on the bridge of your nose sporting a brockabrella, youve got converse all stars with black socks who has to get back to working at hot topic in the morning. he, however is changing everything.

it was like being in church even before he reminded us about the tribes who found the light in the desert during days gone by. it was like being in temple even before he let us in on the insights of the promised land. and the music transported us to a tropical isle much different than our parched setting.

the set was so good you had to sit down afterwards. because im a lost soul i got a beer and asked everyone around me in the vip tent if they saw what id seen and they all said different things. one person said they saw a bright light, another said they heard an angel, and a third said they witnessed a horse growing wings and riding over the mountains in the distance as a rainbow leaked out of its ass.

then sleater-kinney came on and brought us back down to earth with their grungey raw riot grrrl snarl which you'd think would be respectful of the the goddess of pop, but you'd be wrong

s-k: hey how many of you are going to see madonna?
crowd: boooo
s-k: how many of you are going to see tool?
crowd: cheeeeerrsss
s-k: yeah i saw madonna in 85 when the beastie boys opened for her. yeah the beasties opened. that will probably be the last time i'll ever see madonna. we're so honored to be on the same stage that tool will be on in a few hours.
crowd: cheeeeeeeers

which led a mini exodus to the outdoor theatre next door to check out bloc party for a few tunes before trying to find room at the gobi tent, the smallest tent, to see the best stage show of the weekend, gnarls barkley who were decked out in killer/creepy Wizard of Oz outfits that mc brown captured beautifully.

when their set was done there were two choices: stick around to hear the mellow brazilian stylings of seu jorge made famous with his david bowie covers in The Life Aquatic where he did those tunes in portugese - or criss cross back to the main stage to see/feel/hear karen o and the yeah yeah yeahs as the sun set.

new york hipsters in their black clothes and pointy shoes have been wearing temporary tattoos of the yeahs for years, and lord knows they put on that life aquatic soundtrack when they find themselves in the rare predicament of being alone with a girl in their studio apartment, and again i insist that the ticket price had been more than paid for at this point, as had been the issues with heat and traffic and lines, because when karen o decided that she was going to plant her little freak flag there wasnt a mouth in the house that didnt form an o.

and people complained that madonna didnt start her set on time but some think it was because she was part of the 30,000 at the coachella stage being blown away by the emancipation of miss o: suddenly there was passion in chilly chill southern california - there was life in the barren desert - water had come out of rock - and manna began to rain from heaven. karens nylons werent meant to be ripped, her soul was simply spurting out from every pore.

so of course madonna couldnt start on time, how the fuck was she going to follow that, for even those who didnt see it could feel it clear across the desert.

but madonna was going to follow it. she had no choice. she would end up starting twenty minutes late. she had filler music playing over the PA as the tent heated up with what some people approximate as 3/4s of the 60,000 attendees squeezing in to see what they had never seen before.

all the flaps on the side of the tent were opened, the sun had set and even the breeze blew in for a good view. and as the music ended its track people cheered in anticipation and when it moved on to the next generic track they sighed. eventually they booed. for the exception of kanye on saturday, coachella had been running pretty much on time. right before people got too pissed some madonna graphics illuminated the big screens and people cheered and when madonnas opening beats of Hung Up blasted the boos  evaporated in the heat and became cheers.

and when the spotlight hit the woman old enough to be most of the attendees mother they screamed, and they urged her on when she asked later if she should remove her pants.

madonna sang, she danced, she slithered on her belly and the crowd ate it up. hipsters and homos alike. that dance tent that had just been rocked by paul oakenfold and louie vega and the night before by hybrid, carl cox, the audio bullys, and daft punk had seen its share of dancing and im telling you Everyone was grinding with madonna on sunday - cynics and fanatics were one.

across the field the dulcet and beautiful mogwai were doing their thing and later massive attack would impress, but as much as i love the underground, it was the establishment who proved why she's the shit and it isnt because of her publicist or because of any bullshit viral marketing ploy, its because in a setting of 95 acts, many of whom are cutting edge and raw and emotional, the cream does rise to the top and the bullshit does have to walk.

and maybe the biggest reason that the so-called indie bloggers didnt go to the biggest and best two day indie rock show in america was because they would have had to figure out how to say madonna's still got it from beneath their shaggy bangs.

if only these geniuses would actually emulate those who they cover and show even a shred of the courage as those who they idolize, then theyd actually earn the cred they so painfully wish to acquire.

NY Times: Coachella Provided Potentially Career-Changing Performances

tony May 02, 2006
Now that Coachella has wrapped, it's interesting to read the reports from the journalists who attended the two-day fest.

Heres one from the New York Times:

INDIO, Calif., May 1 — The concertgoers at the seventh annual Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, which filled a polo field here over the weekend with nearly 60,000 people a day, did not go to be one with the music and get dirty. Nor were they sad, suburban metal teenagers being treated like liabilities, roped and cordoned and overmanaged.

This was an indie-rock festival, 94 acts on five stages, and the operation was delicate: a sleek round of commerce for the taste-making class. Yet Madonna and Kanye West played here this year, and they encountered even more love than the alternative-rock groups that are at the heart of this festival. And for all the famous discernment of these taste makers, one didn't feel much palpable reaction among them.

Until the final acts — including the prog-rock band Tool, the moody electronic pop group Depeche Mode and the French dance-music duo Daft Punk — offered an appropriate moment to loosen up and shout in the dark a little, the participants gamely absorbed and contextualized.

This is not an audience that wears T-shirts of its favorite band or beer. Two hours east of Los Angeles, in the golf-resort desert lowlands, the festival started off six years ago with a crowd that knew what it was traveling there for. Now it has inevitably become larger and more mainstream, but the audience is still largely mid-20's, white, upper middle class, educated: prize ponies for advertisers, who must tread lightly around them.

Coachella crowds are leisure mavens used to exercising choice, and they favor small designers, like Junker and NaCo, rather than Nike logos or keepsakes from old rock concerts. But exercising prudent choice is not the same thing as declaring love. Coachella is not a rock festival for communal bliss: it can feel almost like a trade show, filled with informed and fairly dispassionate consumers sampling a band, checking it off a list, moving on.

Often this was a peculiarly tepid response to brilliant shows. Several bands, including the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, the Duke Spirit, Animal Collective, Cat Power and Deerhoof, gave it everything they had, each staging remarkable, potentially career-changing performances. The sense of informed caution was everywhere but onstage.

What is a Coachella band, then? A band that has just reconvened, for one thing, or wants to give a teaser of a forthcoming tour. The original lineup of the Smiths was said to have been courted by the festival but turned down a $5 million offer to reunite. Instead, on Sunday, Tool, a band that hasn't toured in four years, devoted about a quarter of its set to songs from its new album, "10000 Days," with a stage show involving enormous sound and enigmatic, ponderous bad-dream films on the giant video screens. (Its brooding, riff-heavy music upped the festival's low testosterone quotient.)

Madonna previewed her summer tour, which starts in earnest at the end of May, with a 45-minute set of mostly recent songs from "Confessions on a Dance Floor"; she had a Les Paul strapped to her body, a phalanx of dancers, and a live backing band to play letter-perfect late disco. Being a Madonna show, geared toward the visual language of fashion magazines, it was reified on delivery, full of blocked and posed freeze-frame moments. She gave some decent action, however, by cursing at someone in the front row for spilling water on her stage, and mopping the spill herself.

Madonna was in line with another characteristic of Coachella bands: she is a clinical analyst of music from the 1970's and 80's. The Magic Numbers, My Morning Jacket, Bloc Party, Eagles of Death Metal, the Zutons, the Duke Spirit: they all carry deep marks of music from a long time ago. Kanye West, in his Saturday afternoon show, was no different. After performing his hit "Gold Digger," with its old Ray Charles sample, he played old-school D.J., giving the crowd a snippet of Al Green's "Let's Stay Together," then Michael Jackson's "Rock With You."

"I'm going to play you one of my favorite songs," he then said. "I swear it's not a joke." It was "Take on Me," by Ah-Ha, one of the most fey radio hits of the 80's. Mr. West did a New Wave dance around the stage, looking as serious as he said he was, and the crowd — which may have been wondering what an emissary of true-blue pop culture was doing on its turf — appreciated the perfection of the counterintuitive cheesiness.

Mr. West used a string section to boost his live sound, and he wasn't alone. Sigur Ros used strings and brass in its dusk-hour set of rock songs fit for cathedrals, hovering for long stretches in the middle ground between crescendo and decrescendo. Gnarls Barkley, a new collaboration between the singer Cee-Lo and the producer Danger Mouse that treads the line between misfit indie-rock and freaky R&B, used samplers, a band and backup singers, with everyone dressed as a character from "The Wizard of Oz." And Chan Marshall performed songs from the new Cat Power album, "The Greatest," with a slick band full of Memphis studio musicians.

For a singer who has conditioned her audiences to shaggy, discontinuous rambling, this was a glaring act of professionalism. Ms. Marshall warmed to the role, pulling her hair back from her face, smiling, keeping the show brisk. At the set's middle, she went back to her strange old ways for a minute: she gave the band a break, sang with a cracking voice and some rudimentary guitar chords, and covered her face with her hair.

Animal Collective played a set of well-practiced, neatly arranged freaking out, using electronic sound samples, processed guitar and lots of wild, elastic, almost ecstatic singing: working under the afternoon's dry heat, the band seemed to be expelling demons and worked against the coziness and knowingness of the crowd, the I'll-blog-about-you-blogging-about-me energy. And Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs won the prize for most sincere response, looking genuinely moved and energized by the sight of a crowd that she said was the biggest she had ever played to.

Moving her long limbs slowly and imposingly, giggling and crooning and screaming maniacally, she was trying to feel something, and finally made the crowd feel something too. In the ballad "Maps," when she carefully sang the line "They don't love you like I love you," many women in the crowd turned to the men they were with and mouthed the lyric, making it theirs.

Coachella Day #2 - in pictures

tony May 01, 2006
Madonna, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Matisyahu, and so many more rocked the desert at Coachella that we figured you might like to see some of the best pics of Sunday instead of hearing me blather on about how great they were.

But ps they were great!

Coachella Day #1 - Kanye West, Wolfmother, Depeche Mode, etc

tony Apr 29, 2006
remind me never to stop coming to coachella, its beautiful here. not just because of the obvious but because of the feeling the vibe the come from.

people have traveled from all over the world to be here and i took video of them that i will share with you when i get back to hollywood. theyve come from canada and texas and ny and even san diego.

they didnt come to get laid, or paid, or because theres so much going on in indio, or even because the biggest band in america is here, they came for music of all kinds, they came for music from all over, they came to dance and to hear something you dont hear all the time - the near future.

kanye west today took the main stage fashionably late to a crowd of probably twenty five thousand. he pranced around and freestyled with a live band behind him including a string section who stood and played along with nearly every song. he doesnt do whole numbers, just the best parts of each of his many hits. the crowd ate it up and totally fell for him when he had his dj play a-ha's "take me on" as he danced like a stiff 80s white guy. he mocked but it was all in good fun because he had introduced the mtv classic as one of his favorite songs. no kidding.

earlier wolfmother filled the mojave tent with fans who screamed their name and clapped a good five minutes before they were even scheduled to take the stage. america was ready and it wanted the sabbath-styled three peice led by a lead guitar playing singer with an afro and a gibson sg. the contrast of 70s devil music with the peaceful row of palm trees and rose colored mountains behind the stage was shocking.

but nothing was more shocking than running into janes addiction singer perry farrell in the vip area. all day i was telling people that i was from the coachella blog, which i sorta was, since all the pictures that me and the rest of buzznet are taking are ending up in the coachella community which features the blog. plus if you say hey this is for the coachella community it might give people the wrong idea that its going to an old folks home. blog they understand. and perry smiled and went on rapping to his lady friend.

common was good, franz ferdinand wasnt bad, but ladytron was super good, and cat power - omg that woman is incredibly beautiful. tv on the radio was great, lady sovereign (pictured, checking out my beer) rocked the house, and because i listen to my long time readers i even checked out lyrics born who were playing about 50 yards from our tent. not bad chokey.

depeche mode played us out as we had a long walk to our car. from reports of those who stayed they were pretty good but had a very odd setlist. and then everyone ran over to daft punk on the other side of the fairgrounds and people are telling me that more people were there than at kanye or depeche. over 30,000 people. all dancing. all rocking.

who were the worst - she wants revenge.

i was told that atmosphere was also very good.

all i know is i had a killer time and i will be there first thing tomorrow, because i too love music.

one of the best sounds you hear at coachella are crowds clapping and cheering in approval. if you lay it out there people will eat it up. if you mail it in, these people will notice and walk away to someone who's bringing it. these arent people who came there to get drunk and puke, these are people who are withstanding 93+ degree heat, expensive hotels, two dollar waters - and you must drink many through the day - and not-cheap tickets.

dozens of people were waiting outside at the begining of the day looking to buy your ticket, and just as many were waiting outside near the end of the concert trying to get in to see depeche or daft punk.

i ate a chicken on the stick from a thai stand, and a spicy hot sausage from a bbq pit. and i had fried rice. four beers, a double captain morgans, and about 7 waters.

its 239am and i should get to sleep but im trying to figure out how i can get close to see madonna tomorrow. and metric. and the yeah yeah yeahs. only problem is the yeah yeah yeahs play and as soon as theyre done madonna goes on stage clear across the other side. so if you want to get close for madonna you have to only see a few songs of the yeahs. which is probably what lots of people will do, but theres a very strong possibility that karen o will be the best performer of the entire show.

and theres a good possibility that madonna will be rusty, stiff, predictable, and overhyped.


We have arrived at Coachella!

tony Apr 29, 2006
it takes 90 minutes to get from la to palm springs but then it takes another half hour to get to indio where coachella is.

we got to our little tent and set up and got a ride to the area where the bands would be and where goldenvoice is, and we got to meet the artists who are decorating the dressing rooms. each band gets a different peice of art. very cool.

then marc noticed all these paul frank bicycles that were locked up. above them was a little sign that said "you must sign out if you are going to use a bike." so marc asked where can i sign out two bikes. and they gave us bikes and we biked around over to where the campers were camping out.

the camping area doesnt allow any booze but there was a huge drinking area where you could buy beers. that area also had food areas and two different places to take showers. at only 6pm a surprisingly large number of the 12,000 who bought tickets to camp were there.

we met the dude running the security of the camping area. this is his second year there. he does the warped tour. the cops camp right on the edge of the place next to the entrance and exit, so its safe. and there was a huge inflatable movie screen that they were going to play movies on tonight. including the new coachella dvd which woudl probably psyche me up to see right before i went to sleep under the stars of indio.

then we found ourselves at the goldenvoice aeg bbq dinner. we ate with the aeg guy who was about to go to new orleans for jazz fest. he was very cool and his wife and daughter knew tons about music. we ate chicken fish and steak as depeche mode warmed up down the hill. allegedly last night tool went through seven songs during their sound check to an audience of about 15 as the sun set.

alot of people are here to see Tool.

did i miss the boat on Tool?

it was about 93 degrees today but it cooled down nicely.

we're staying at marcs uncle's winter house about rancho mirage. the pool is very nice and the hot tub is warming up as we speak. if im going to retire one day i believe i will buy a house with a natural warm springs. i know of one in santa barbara. i think i'll have to start saving up for that shit.

when sun went down the lights of coachella were lit and it was beautiful. gorgous lighting on the palm trees. spotlights shooting up in the sky forming a canopie of a half dozen arching rays of blue over the crowd below.

met a man who confided some personal details with us regarding one kanye west which i chose not to believe.

currently we're waiting for the rest of our party to arrive. our three content editors who are driving from hollywood where they attended the secret afi show.

its 148am and im exhausted. ive loaded pics and videos for your ass.

LA peeps, check out Gnarls Barkley tonight at the Roxy for freeeeeee

tony Apr 28, 2006
first come first served but shhhhh its a secret

Gnarls Barkley is DJ Danger Mouse who is probably best known for mixing the Beatles "White Album"  with Jay-Z's Black album making the Grey Album. He went on to produce the Gorillaz latest cd Demon Days which made their label cringe since they own the rights to the White Album and were super pissed at him for the unauthorized (and illegal) Grey Album.But millions of records sold probably chilled them out.

Cee-Lo is a Grammy nominated singer and rapper who has appeared on hits from the Black Eyed Peas, Trick Daddy, and Santana among others, and he wrote and produced the Pussycat Dolls' mega-smash "Don't Cha".

So it's no surprise that the collaboration of Danger Mouse and Cee-Loo has created a #1 hit in the UK, their first single "Crazy". But what's really special about it is its the first single ever to reach #1 over there based on download sales alone.

We live in good times.

15 Things You Probably Didn't Know About No Doubt's BFF Matt Costa

tony Apr 27, 2006
Just a couple of years ago Matt Costa was just another prettyboy stumming an acoustic guitar on a southern California beach.

Now he's finding himself on a #1 soundtrack, supporting his own record, and on tour with Jack Johnson. And of course playing Coachella.

How did it happen? As he was hustling his demo tape, a copy ended up in the hands of No Doubt guitarist Tom Dumont who contacted Costa and the two began playing together to work on a better demo. The demo turned into an EP that Dumont and Costa distributed. But way before Matt was traveling europe and asia with Johnson, he was playing the second stage during the No Doubt / Blink 182 tour.

One of my exgirlfriends is obsessed with him. So I asked her to deliver me a quick bulletpoint list of things that you probably wont see next year in Rolling Stone where he's on track to grace its cover.

01. he used to cover the beatles "norweigen wood"

02. he told a much gorier version of the shattering-his-leg-skateboarding story to my friends & i back in july 2004

03. sometimes tom dumont from no doubt can be seen & heard playing onstage with him

04. he makes me think of the color green

05. he has a song called "sweet rose" which makes me happy because rose is my middle name

06. one of his songs was featured on the curious george soundtrack

07. he also plays piano

08. he is equally good live or recorded

09. he's really into the clothing brand rvca

10. he drew a pirate hat & patch over the picture of himself in my cd

11. i think he's excited about his recent success but slightly uncomfortable with it.

12. i first met him at the viper room, where he chased me on my way out to have me join his mailing list

13. i can think of at least 10 people i have converted into matt fans

14. his initals are MAC.

15. he keeps a fortune from a cookie in his wallet

Kanye West Added to the Saturday Line-Up

tony Apr 27, 2006
Sunday had sold out, and despite Depeche Mode headlining Saturday in a region (Southern California) where they have no problems selling tickets, Goldenvoice yesterday pulled a suprise out of their bag of tricks announcing Grammy award winner Kanye West to it's opening day show.

Appearing at 5:45p, the only losers of this news seem to be My Morning Jacket who will have a tough time drawing a crowd versus the man with last year's top-selling single "Golddigger" and most controversial statement - that the President of the United States didn't care about Black folk.

For your planning needs, here are the official times of each performance -



now that we have the times, heres where i plan on being:

Saturday - The Like, Hybrid, Lady Sovereign, Wolfmother, CYHASY, Kanye West, TV On the Radio, Sigur Ros, the beer tent, Eagles of Death Metal for half the set, Cat Power, Depeche Mode, The Rakes

Sunday - Giant Drag, Mates of State, The Magic Numbers, Metric, Matisyahu, Bloc Party, Gnarls Barkley, Seu Jorge, Madonna, Massive Attack, The Go Team, the men's room, Art Brut

what does your lineup look like?
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