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tony Oct 24, 2005
in less than two weeks we have now thrown official Buzznet meetup/parties in NY and LA and ive gotta say that theyve been super fun.

on Saturday we held one here at the Buzznet HQ, a loft overlooking McArthur Park near downtown LA.

marc was nice enough to get a keg, he also got a case of wine, much booze, food, i made a crazy ipod playlist, and we invited lots of buzznetters who signed up with LA zip codes.

at first i was afraid that too many people would show up because i got hella RSVPs and everyone said it would be them plus four. now the Buzznet digs are spacious but ive seen parties spin outta control especially when the plus four are hotheaded or folks who dont mix well with free liquor.

fortunately everyone who showed up were very cool and quite friendly and just enough people showed up to make everyone feel very comfortable. in fact there was a little beer left in the keg for marc to down on Sunday morning.

i bring this recap up because we want to throw more meetup parties. in fact we have our eye on you Vancouver. yes you. thinking like 11/4, 11/5ish to coincide with Buzznet-member and rocker Matthew Good's concerts up there. maybe we can have a pre-concert party or an after-party? do they have after-parties in Canada? pardon me as im quite ignorant and have never visited the great white north.

we also have our eye on you Arizona. from scanning the pictures and knowing some AZ bloggers, it seems like phoenix is ready to rise from the ashes and knock down a few cold frosty ones. am i mistaken?

and also Chicago... the general idea is the Saturday after Thanksgiving. i dont know about you but after three days of my family i could use a shot or six. and i know we have a good amount of buzznetters in the windy who probably wouldnt mind a nice pitcher of Old Style with a friendly face from the west coast.

these are all super-tentative plans, nothing is written in stone and the good mc brown will probably be a little upset if he knew i was sharing this with you, but its my vision to make the Buzz Blog the real truth of whats happening here in the office. we've got nothing to hide so why hide it.

so anyways, if you guys have some good ideas about where we should go in Vancouver, PHX and Chicago, please let us know, and everyone who came to the official bash on Saturday and the unofficial one on Friday thank you and it was a pleasure meeting you all.

World Series? What World Series?

tony Oct 21, 2005
Saturday is gonna kill me.  Saturday is the first game of the World Series.

It's going to kill me because it's being held in Chicago, but for this Cub fan, its being held in the wrong part of town - the South Side.

Yes the White Sox have done something that the Cubs have been unable to accomplish since 1945.

In Chicago you pick a baseball team and you root for them and you hate the other team. When I was a kid in school I'd wear my Cubs hat or Cubs shirt and this is what i'd hear walking around:

cubs suck. cubs suck. go cubs. cubs suck. whooo cubs. cubs suck shit. yah cubbieees. fuck the cubs. cubs suck. cubs suck. cubbieeees!

and that was just cruising past the teachers lounge.

so to see the hated white sox demolish the american league for most of the year was brutal because not only did they just work the junior circuit but they have this macho latin manager who is just too cool not to love.

The White Sox haven't won a World Series since 1917 and their competitors for the best of seven fall classic are the Houston Astros who have never won a world series ever.

As a Cub fan it's hard to deny the Sox their overdue championship but since the Cubs havent tasted that sweet victory since 1908, i'm willing to allow the Astros their first ring.

Both teams have amazing pitching so if youre new to baseball or havent been paying attention for the last few years expect some low-scoring games, which might be considered "boring" to the untrained eye, but when you have a would be hall of famer Roger Clemens up there at 75 years old or some shit making them whiff like he did back in the day, this series should be one for the ages.

Here at Buzznet we invite you to take pictures of your world series parties, if youre lucky enough to go to the games send us pics from the tailgate parties, if you live in one of the cities show us whats going on in your town world series-related, or if you're a transplant somewhere far away from your hometown show us how you're celebrating the October Classic.

and when you do tag it "world series" and we will feature all the pics on the front page of Buzznet.

theres a new blogger in town

tony Oct 20, 2005
hey rock n rollers, this is your pal tony writing you from the buzznet penthouse high above los angeles introducing myself to those of you who dont know me and saying hey to those who do.

marc and anthony hired me to be the Community Manager of this wonderful site and i hope that in due time you agree that they made the right choice.

basically what i will be doing is blogging about once a day on the Buzzblog, i will be letting you know what new features we'll be rolling out, i will tell you about events that will be going down in your neck of the woods, i will be turning you on to great photos and galleries and photographers and journalists that you would appreciate

and every now and then i might even invite you to participate in an "assignment" that might include showing us the inside of your refridgerator to taking a picture of your best friend.

because Buzznet is a real community that slowly changes every day we want to have daily communications with you, so feel free to ask questions in the comments or write me an email.  i will do my best to answer everything as quickly and as honestly as i can.

this week Marc and I were in New York City for the BlogOn conference and we had an excellent time. Buzznet even hosted a party in the lower east side and it was great to see so many friends of this site there. we hope to have more parties in the very near future, and if you are interested in having a Buzznet meet-up in your town, let me know and i will include it in one of these blog posts.  and of course we will hype the pictures that you post.

keep in mind that this is your community too, so if you have any suggestions or improvements that you'd like to see, dont be afraid to email us and we'll totally do our best to make everyones dreams come true.

ive known Marc and Anthony for about 10 years now and i am so happy to be here working with them, but none of this is possible without you, so please let us know what you'd like to see more and less of.

much love from Buzznet HQ,

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